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Water Damage

If you have suffered damage to your property due to water damage you will need someone you can trust to ensure that your home or business is rebuilt or repaired as quickly as possible by receiving the maximum claim settlement from your insurance company. At America’s Public Adjuster we are the experts with 40 years of experience in water damage related insurance claims. The process of filing a claim can be a long, stressful and technical process so in order to ensure that you get the full settlement you are entitled to you need an expert to fight for you against your insurance company. Water damage claims can be some of the most confusing and difficult claims to resolve most policies will cover water damage from burst pipes when the cause is sudden and accidental. Flood damage and water backup from sewers, drains or overflow water from a sump pump typically requires additional optional coverage. Given the complexity of water related insurance claims you will need the experts at America’s Public Adjuster to look at your policy and decipher what and how much your claim will be.

Before attempting to handle a claim yourself call us at America’s Public Adjuster to maximize your settlement and get your life back to normality as quickly as possible after your property has suffered water damage.